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Stop this evil .. now!!

– Gary from United States of America, 2021-07-17 13:11:38

Modelo comprobado que fracasó

– Felipe from Chile, 2021-07-17 13:05:58

It is insane to send money and jobs to a murderous lying cheating regime that hates us

– George from United States of America, 2021-07-17 12:24:44

Es un partido que divide, no respetan nada ni a nadie, promueve el odio

– Carmen Gloria from Chile, 2021-07-17 11:59:07

Free people!

– Ger from Denmark, 2021-07-17 11:40:16

Absolutely support!

– Lesley from Australia, 2021-07-17 11:35:05

Human Rights is for everyone….. shame on the Chinese for thinking that they are God. Their behavior is really upsetting….. infringing on human rights in their own country then wanting to expand to the US and all over….. they already carry half of the population. I will never become a slave for them

– Kerrie-Ann from Virgin Islands, British, 2021-07-17 11:28:48

Como Cristiano que valora la vida humana como sagrada, valiosa y venida de DIOS, nuestro Creador,!estoy en completa oposición al partido comunista chino

– Jose from Peru, 2021-07-17 10:31:09

Reject and kick out the CCP from Asia !

– Adrianus from Indonesia, 2021-07-17 10:16:31

Hacen fraude electoral

– Thomas from Chile, 2021-07-17 09:24:11

we need God intervention

– Hilton from United States of America, 2021-07-17 09:10:19

China debe indemnizar al mundo por la liberación del virus Covid 19 en Wuhan

– Jaime from Ecuador, 2021-07-17 07:40:32


– 一 from Japan, 2021-07-17 07:36:27

No estoy de acuerdo con las políticas del PCCH

– Eduardo from Colombia, 2021-07-17 06:34:09

I am against losing our God given freedom and rights in these United States of America.

– janet from United States of America, 2021-07-17 06:33:13

Thank you for the responsible and truthful journalism you provide in the Epoch Times and
American Essence.

– Linda from United States of America, 2021-07-17 06:11:02

I do not consent to a communist party! I believe in God and the constitution of the United States of America, our freedoms, the bill of rights, our forefathers who fought And lost their lives for The sake of our country!

– Barbara from United States of America, 2021-07-17 03:51:12

They should have all the time to party

– John from United States of America, 2021-07-17 02:54:44

I’m a Filipino and I condemn the centennial year of the Chinese Communist Party!

– Louise from Philippines, 2021-07-17 02:10:20

Thank you for creating this petition!

– Zenon from United States of America, 2021-07-17 02:08:39

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