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How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

A must-read for every freedom-loving individual. This book reveals the ways in which the communist specter has burrowed into the minds of today’s people. It charts communism’s global advance and explains how this specter has embedded itself in nearly every facet of today’s society—from education to the judicial system—and the path humanity must take to escape its grip.

Nine Commentaries of the Communist Party

Published in 33 languages, this book has inspired over 360 million people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. With detailed accounts of the propaganda, persecution, famine, massacre, tyranny, and censorship of the CCP, which is responsible for the deaths of 80 million or more Chinese people. Understanding the true history of the CCP will help to prevent such tragedies from ever recurring.

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What People Say about the CCP


Nicolas Quijano (USA)ID: 201377 | Nov.03.2020
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CCP must be held accountable to the world, they have shown what a horrible.
邦彦 (Japan)ID: 201355 | Nov.02.2020
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Deb (USA)ID: 201309 | Nov.02.2020
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The world needs to be rid of marxism communism socialism. Freedom. Let us breathe the air of freedom and liberty, tyrants be damned!
masoumeh khosravi (Canada)ID: 201300 | Nov.02.2020
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I believe that all people around the world should get up and say no to CCP and all its crimes against human rights.
Erik dela Cruz (Philippines)ID: 201291 | Nov.02.2020
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.......time's up for the evil party!........END THE CCP!.........
James Mallett (USA)ID: 201290 | Nov.02.2020
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China is NOT our friend. They are hard core Communists! Exactly the opposite of America. They use criminals, such as the Biden Family, to gather intelligence about us in America.
Ken Moore (USA)ID: 201288 | Nov.02.2020
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Stop buying anything “made in China”!!!!!
Dixie Cruz-Aleman (USA)ID: 201287 | Nov.02.2020
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Communism is a cancer. As such it must be eradicated by any means possible, and America must be protected from it at any cost.
Fred Alexander (USA)ID: 201286 | Nov.02.2020
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Time is up.


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is endangering all of us. Let's reject the CCP.

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  1. Condemn the CCP for its crimes against humanity.
  2. Raise awareness of the CCP’s global subversion and manipulation.
  3. Hold the CCP accountable for its cover-up and disinformation campaign on the pandemic.


Lessons from history tell us that the situation will change for the better when we cherish our goodness and reject evil. Let’s reject the CCP—the representative of the worst evil.

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